If you want your leather good to remain ever green for long, then you must adhere to the tips of care and cleaning. To keep the leather duffle bags, backpacks, messengers and leather satchels in best condition, make sure you keep them safe and sound.

Natural leather odour

It is normal for your newly purchased leather bag to have natural leather smell for some days, when you receive it. Trust, this odour defines the newness of the leather products and we like it. The more you use the products, the faster the smell mellows down. Try these alternatives for better results:

  • Few sprays of Febreze material classic will reduce the impact of leather smell in your products. This spray is easily available in the grocery stores.
  • Dust baking powder in the hand bag and experience the smell vanish away in less time.
  • Few drops of scented oil also helps in getting rid of the natural leather smell from your leather product.

How to deal with wet leather product?

If your leather good has become wet and you want to dry it quickly, then dry in a warm area like around the radiator. You can also place few balls of scrunched paper inside the bag. This will dry the bag faster.

Rebuilding a dry leather bag

Has your leather bag become dry and rough? If yes, then exchange it with some herbal oils. All our bags are coated with rapeseed oil, which makes the leather products water proof while maintains its nourishment and lustrous look. To maintain this appearance, simply sponge the bag with rapeseed, new-born, sunflower or vegetable oil with light coating and let it dry in an airy cabinet. This will darken the colour and nourish the bag.

Re-waterproof your leather bag

The oiling process which is performed during the manufacture of leather bag serves to be a good protection against different harmful components. But did you know that you could water proof your bags yourself too?

  • Nikwax waterproofing wax
  • Collonil leather gel

Maintaining the scratches of leather products

Almost all The Rustic Street leather products are head wearing and strong. Even one scratch on such product makes us distressed. But if this scratch doesn’t go by itself then rub some rapeseed, baby, sunflower or vegetable oil with 100% cotton wool. All these tips mentioned here will help in augmenting the life of your leather product.