The Rustic Street sells pure camel, buffalo and goat leather bags in wholesale in USA , Canada, UK , Australia making us one of the largest supplier, distributor and manufacturer of genuine leather bags in the world. If you are looking for something unique and stylish then your dream product is here… with The Rustic Street.

The Rustic Street has unique and genuine bags which are authentic leather goods, available at economical price. We know that our each customer demands something different, has different choice and preference along with pocket size, henceforth we craft bags which suit need of everyone.

From the vintage look to assurance and durability, our leather goods promise everything which make them unique selling products.

Smelling leather bags?

We know that you may be under an impression that all leather goods smell strong. But trust, they shouldn’t. If you see leather goods smelling awful, then you are referring to poor quality bags which are crafted from cheap leather material. Leather products of The Rustic Street are manufactured from high leather quality raw materials which are tanned properly before they are put in the manufacturing process.

It is poorly tanned leather which leads to strong odour in the leather goods. Our goods undergo all the best possible process and practices from initial stage to finished stage. The hides are washed upto 6 times before they are tanned professionally to high standard. Unlike our competitors, our leather products smell fragrant beautifully of pure leather.

How to place bulk order?

Write an email to :  and provide us with complete details of your order for the product you are interested in.

  • Product code
  • Product name
  • Quantity required

We will soon get back to you with the best quote and shipping charges. However there are some things which you out to keep in mind, while placing bulk order with us.

  • Minimum quantity – 10
  • Maximum quantity – 40
  • Prices mentioned on our site are retail price.
  • Shipping of our products is done via renowned shipping brands that takes usually 5-7 business days in delivering the product.
  • Samples are sold on retail prices only
  • We do not welcome revisions or cancellations of your orders, for we make our goods as per your order and do not stock it in our warehouse. When we receive your order, we confirm it on email before proceeding with the manufacturing process.

The Rustic Street has its leather products designed and manufactured with utmost care. Every product is slightly different from each other due to its shade. We request you to expect variations, while placing order with us in large quantities.