The Rustic Street – synonym for stylish and hand-picked leather products manufactures unique and elegant designs which exhibit personal scar, shading and unique grain. All of our products are charming, sophisticated and classy.

Every product has its own marking, shading and shape of its own and reveals your personality.

Life cycle of our product

Our products are manufactured with utmost care and hard work. All of our items represent unique quality for our customer satisfaction and environment security. We undergo painstaking activities and processes to ensure that we deliver 100% Eco-friendly products. Our artisans use traditional methods blended with advanced technology to manufacture the best leather products for our customers.

Our products are Eco-friendly and produced from vegetable tanning which gives the natural leather its comprehensive natural features. We do not use any chemical during the manufacturing process. Astringent, bitter plant mixture binds the proteins and nourishes the leather products to great extent. This makes the product less water soluble and henceforth resistant to bacterial assault.

What are the benefits of vegetable tanned leather items?

  • Vegetable tanning is Eco-friendly and conventional method.
  • Items manufactured from vegetable tanning are recyclable.
  • Shades of such products are natural and wealthy.

So here is the process through which our leather products go through

  • The animal skin is cleaned of the unnecessary hair and is tanned for 30-45 days through the vegetable tanning process. The skin now dries up under the sun.
  • The dried out skin is now cut in different pieces depending on form and style. High quality canvas is then pasted on the interior side. This adds durability and strength to the leather. Further we double stitch the skin to give proper finishing.
  • Then pieces are then stitched together into different products via strong string. Further buttons, buckles and rivets are added. All these are made of brass. Zippers are added as and when required.
  • Every product is then coated with vegetable oil to get the right color. This makes the product water proof too.

Your product is eventually ready to use.